10 million Covishield vaccine wasted! Punawala hands on the head


Millions of Kovishield vaccines fall into warehouses. Some of the expired vaccines have already expired. Some are about to be cancelled. This vaccine manufacturer was forced to throw away about 10 crore CoviShield vaccines due to reduced demand for the vaccine. CEO Adar Poonawala said this on Thursday.Production of Corona vaccine Covishield was stopped in December last year. The agency took this decision due to the decrease in demand for vaccines. But because of people’s reluctance to take booster shots, billions of vaccines remain in the box. These vaccines are now unusable due to expiration date.

“From December 2021, we have stopped production of CoviShield,” Adar said at an event in Pune on Thursday. There is no need for a booster shot. People are now fed up with covid. Honestly, I’m bored too. 10 crore CoviShield vaccines have already been wasted.”

By the way, by the month of March 2020, the infectious corona virus had spread its paws on the earth. Since then, the face of the world has changed. After the corona gradually took the form of an epidemic, its attack has killed about 7 million people worldwide so far. India has not been spared from death due to Corona. Once the people of the country relied on vaccination to get rid of the corona virus. There was even a clamor for vaccination at one time. After getting enough vaccines, the countrymen have been given two vaccinations one by one. However, the reluctance of people to receive a booster after two vaccinations is evident from the loss of this vaccine.

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