4 arrested for death of a minor


Police have arrested four accused in connection with the mysterious death of a minor at Srihatta in Jangipara of Hooghly district. The arrested were taken to court by the police. Besides, Superintendent of Rural Police Amandip of Hooghly district held a press conference on the progress of the investigation of this incident.

The minor was killed for trying stop the rape is what the rural police superintendent of Hooghly district Amandeep said. He informed about this incident by holding a press conference. Incidentally, on the night of Dasami, a 12-year-old girl went missing from Srihatta area of ​​Jangipara. A missing diary was made at Jangipara police station on October 7. After going missing for three days, locals found her body floating in a water body about a kilometer from home. The mystery is further compounded by a pair of men’s shoes lying nearby. The girl’s family alleged that she was raped and murdered. The police are investigating the incident. Police had also used drones for surveillance. Finally, the police arrested four people for the murder of the minor. The arrested were arrested from Haripal early this morning. Superintendent of Police said that the minor had a love relationship with anothe minor. On the night of Dashami, when he tried to rape the minor in the bamboo garden, the girl stopped him. That’s when the three friends of the boy came into the bamboo garden. As she struggled to prevent the rape, they threw her into the water by force. There is no mention of rape in the autopsy report. There are no signs of injury to the private parts or anywhere else on the body. There was only one bruise on the leg. Three of the four youths arrested are minors. The bicycle has not yet been recovered in this incident. It is being investigated. The police also said that a case will be filed against them under the POCSO Act as three of the arrested are minors.

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