50 killed in Myanmar military airstrikes on rebels


In Myanmar, several communities of the country are fighting against the military rule. On Sunday, the Myanmar army launched an airstrike on the music festival of one such community, the Kachins. Various quarters claim that 50 people have died so far.

However, the military administration of Myanmar has not opened its mouth about this killing. Citizens who were expelled from the country and fled abroad reported the incident, attracting the attention of the international media. neighbor
Two media outlets in Thailand confirmed the news. It is known that many citizens were injured in the air strike.

It is reported that the Myanmar army has been conducting airstrikes on the Bangladesh border for the past few days. In response to protests by the Bangladesh government, Myanmar’s military administration blamed the rebel Arakan Liberation Army.

The Arakan army fought against the Myanmar army to protest against the overthrow of the Rohingya people. On the other hand, insurgents are fighting in Kachin province.

According to the diplomatic circles, the Myanmar army has targeted the attack to suppress the rebels in the country. Because, their declared term of being in power is coming to an end. The army rulers want to extend the period of military rule by creating instability in the country.

A big event was organized in Hopakant town of Kachin province on Sunday. This incident happened due to military air strike on the festival. All the artists from the Kachin community who attended the ceremony were killed in the attack. The victims were reported to have attended the singing ceremony after attending the 62nd exercise of the Kachin Independence Organisation.

It should be noted that the military forces of the country overthrew the ruling democratic government of Myanmar through a coup d’état on February 21 last year. The pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and several members of the party National League for Democracy, were imprisoned.

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