Going to work will be wrong, Mamata’s message to correct from the stage


If you want to work, you will make mistakes, if someone makes a mistake, it needs to be corrected.The Chief Minister of the state gave this message from the stage today. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was present at Netaji Indoor Stadium today. Today, he gave messages on several issues from the stage of the tab giving ceremony. Today, he spoke about the education system of the state, the education of students, the situation during the Covid period. The Chief Minister said, ‘between 2011 and 2022, we have done 30 universal schools. We have arranged IS-IPS training. 51 new colleges, 7000 new schools, more than 2 lakh classrooms have been created, Saotali Medium has been created, more than 80 lakh Kanyashrees have been given, more than 1 crore boys have got Sabuj Sathi’s cycle. He praised the teachers of the state. He said, ‘Our teachers teach well. Students make good.’He also said, “When you go to work, mistakes happen. Do not stumble when walking on the street? He stumbles and hits his feet. Then it has to be fixed. You have to walk. If anyone makes a mistake it will be corrected. The law will follow the law.” Bringing up the propaganda theory, he said, “Some people who do not love Bengal are always plotting and spreading propaganda. Use your wits. Not all information is true. Don’t be afraid of any crisis. It is our job to fight bravely.” Although the Chief Minister did not directly mention anyone’s name while making this statement. But according to informed sources, he wants to talk about those involved in corruption. Many believe this message is for Akhil Giri. The ruling party is very uncomfortable at the moment with Akhil’s comments.

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