A fresh bomb was recovered in the primary school grounds in front of Trinamool Party office in Bandel


A fresh bomb was recovered from the primary school yard next to the Trinamool Party office. On Monday morning, this incident caused a stir in Naldanga area of ​​Bandel. The news goes to Bandel outpost. Police personnel came and recovered the bombs. Locals say that a bomb was recovered in front of this school even before the 2018 panchayat elections.

On Monday morning, locals on their way to work saw the bombs on the school grounds. 3 live bombs were lying in front of Naldanga Narayanpur Primary School. Meanwhile, teachers and students have started coming to school. Locals prevented them from entering the school. The news goes to Bandel outpost. Police personnel came and defused the bomb.Bitan Saha, a local resident, said, ‘I woke up in the morning and saw a bomb lying on the school grounds. Small children play in the school grounds. Panic spread as bombs were lying there. Danger could have happened at any time while the children were playing with balls.Chunchura Trinamool MLA Asit Majumder directly attacked MP Locket Chatterjee and BJP over the bomb recovery incident. He said that BJP and Locket have imported bomb politics. Since 2011, our government has taken action against all kinds of anti-social elements through the administration. After Locket came in 2019, this gangster again launched Locket Chattopadhyay. They have no organization. Jumping with two four-legged people. This bomb won’t even get a seat in the Panchayat if some people can be intimidated.

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