A German company is creating human-like digital friends


It is very difficult for a foreigner to come to Germany and open a high-tech startup company A Pakistani woman has shown such an impossible feat The company is giving a new dimension to virtual avatars of people Cyber Valley, a startup in the southwestern German city of Tübingen, aims to make meshcapped body scanning technology even easier. According to the company’s co-founder Noureen Mahmood, their innovation has made it much easier to create a true digital friend of people.

“What we’re developing makes it very easy for anyone to create their own avatar,” Nourin said Just take a picture with your phone to create that avatar Taking more pictures of yourself will give the avatar more information about your appearance from different angles As a result, the avatar should look more like you At MeshCaped Company we are creating that massive capability.’ In the post-pandemic era, our physical reality is rapidly merging with the virtual world People are looking for avatars that look like themselves, with facial expressions and realistic movementsThe meshcaped company’s state-of-the-art SMPL technology can take data from multiple sources to create perfect and realistic ‘meta-humans’ in 3D format. This technology has huge potential especially in fashion, entertainment and medical research “We learned machine learning and artificial intelligence and used them,” said Naureen Mahmood. I have also used information on 3D scanning techniques We have scanned the bodies of thousands of people of various body sizes They posed for pictures in different poses Based on that information, I taught the computer human expressions and movements Currently we can use any kind of information We can measure some of your body movements to create a version of you, which you can use to buy clothes. Hope to be able to create virtual meetings with that avatar soon.’

Naureen is from Lahore, Pakistan He founded the company Meshcaped with two others five years ago, i.e. in 2018 Nourin Mahmoud and his team in Berlin received an award worth 50,000 euros from the famous Max Planck Institute in Germany and another institution. Describing that feeling, he said, ‘I felt very humbled at that moment.’ First of all, I am very proud of myself Pakistan, especially its women, seemed to be able to do more Feeling very happy.’Only 11 percent of founders in Germany’s startup ecosystem are women Opening a startup technology company was a tough task for Naureen Mahmood According to him, it is very important to create suitable opportunities for different types of people when they come to Germany for work, higher education and research “It would be better if they create more support systems for such startups,” Naureen said Especially people from different regions outside of Europe should be given the opportunity to build startups easily Germany would benefit enormously from doing so.’ Startup companies are booming in the city of Tübingen For Noureen and her husband, Talha Mahmud, the small fairy-tale town is ideal as home and workplace at the same time.

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