After milk, onion prices see 40 per cent rise, cooling down expected by November.


According to traders at the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) the rise in onion prices will command this price until fresh crops arrive in the markets in the first week of November.The retail price of onion has surpassed Rs 40 per kg, and traders predict that it will rise to Rs 50 per kg. At the start of the month, onion was available in the retail market for Rs 15 to Rs 25 per kg.

Ahead of the festival, the rise in onion price will dampen the mood to some extent as the commodity is one of the important ingredients in the kitchen.According to the APMC administration, old onion stocks are depleting, and the current supply comes from old stocks rather than farmers. “Since onions have begun to arrive from the stocks (godown), the buying price is approximately 30 to 40% higher than a fortnight ago.” “The buying price of onion is between Rs 15 and Rs 30 per kg,” said trader Munaf Patel. He also stated that the price will fall once new crops arrive.

The Rabi harvests won’t arrive until January or February of the following year, at which point the price will stabilise. “The Kharif onion contributes very little but plays a critical role in maintaining supply during the lean season of September-November,” Patel said. The Rabi onion accounts for 70% of the total onion production.

APMC typically receives 140 to 160 trucks and tempos loaded with onions per day. However, supply has decreased in recent days, with approximately 100 to 110 trucks arriving at the market.

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