AI transcription in Indian Court


The Supreme Court of India is testing a new system that uses AI and natural language processing to transcribe live oral arguments. The Chief Justice of India, D Y Chandrachud, explained that the system is being explored and that it works well as long as there is no overlap of voices. The court has personnel who will clean up the errors in the transcription by the end of the day. In addition, Justice Narasimha suggested that physical hearings could adopt the virtual court practice of raising a finger to indicate an interruption and prevent cross-talk.

‘The only thing is that if there are two or more voices at the same time, that causes a little bit of a problem. But they obviously have personnel who will clean up the errors by the evening. They suggested that during the course of the day, the counsel will get a link so the counsel can look at it. By evening, they would have cleaned up the transcript and given it to us,’ he said.

‘Truly a court of record, because every word is recorded,’ said Justice Narasimha.

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