All rapists TMC people’,BJP leader accuses Mamata’s party.


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) veteran Rahul Sinha alleged that all the rapists in West Bengal belong to the Trinamool Congress (TMC).After this statement of Rahul Sinha, a war of words started between TMC and BJP. Questioning the safety of women in West Bengal during the ‘Bhai Dooj’ celebrations at the BJP office in Kolkata, Sinha alleged that rape cases have increased in the state with the support of the CM.

BJP leader Rahul Sinha said the female prime minister puts the country first when it comes to violence against women. CM Mamta Banerjee said the rape was a minor incident. She wants money to solve the rape case. Will rape cases increase or decrease? Her 100% of state rapists are from her Trinamool background and none from any other party. Inside the Bhai Dooj programme, Rahul Sinha said Bengali women need strong siblings now as the state is at the forefront regarding the exploitation of women. Meanwhile, West Bengal Finance Minister Chandrimah Bhattacharya said in response to Rahul Sinha: As sisters, I pray for the health and longevity of the opposition parties. I hope they succeed even if they don’t respect us.

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