An alarming surge in dengue cases causes panic among residents of Kolkata.


Another person died of dengue in the city. Nine people have died in the city due to dengue this season This time, the deceased’s house is in the southern part of the city. He died in a private hospital in South Kolkata on Tuesday afternoon. The name of the deceased is Subrata Sarkar, age 62. Subrata lived in the Bansdroni New Government Colony area of Ward No. 113 of Kolkata Municipality.

According to sources from the deceased’s family, Subrata developed a fever on September 14. A dengue test was done on the 17th. The Dengue NS-1 report came positive on Sunday, 18th. He started treatment at home with a local doctor. That night, he passed out in the washroom of the house. He was immediately taken to a private hospital in South Kolkata, where he died on Tuesday. Local Trinamool councillor Anita Kar Majumdar claimed, “Subrata Babu got sick due to a stroke, even though he was infected with dengue. He was also suffering from multiple diseases.” Kolkata Municipality Chief Health Officer Subrata Roy Chowdhury was called multiple times to inquire about this death, but went unanswered. He gave no reply to SMS or WhatsApp.

Ward number 112 which is close to it, is also prone to dengue. There are reports that 41 people have been affected by dengue till August 28 of this season. The residents of the Bansdroni Government Colony area are suffering from extreme fear due to Subrata’s death. A few days ago, his wife was also infected with dengue. After she recovered, Subrata was diagnosed with dengue. Kajal Dey, a local resident, said, “Two people are hospitalised with dengue next to Subrata’s house.” It is reported that several residents of the area have been affected by dengue in the last few months. Residents complain that the municipality has recently started work to control mosquito-borne diseases, but there is a lack of work throughout the year. Many people claim that even though the dengue outbreak started a couple of months ago, the municipality did not take appropriate action. 

However, the local councilor clarified, “The municipality works regularly to kill mosquito larvae. Local residents also need to be aware. “

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