Approximately 3.64 lakh Rupees from a Beggar’s Pocket


A 62-year-old beggar from Uttar Pradesh named Sharif Baunk, who is deaf and mute, was involved in a bike accident and taken to the hospital for treatment. When police searched his pockets, they found a large sum of money, totaling to approximately 3.64 lakh rupees. Despite having this significant amount of money, Sharif had continued to beg on a daily basis. The news of the discovery has caused surprise and interest among the local community. Sharif is currently receiving treatment at BRD Medical College for injuries including fractures in his leg and serious head injuries.

According to reports, 62-year-old beggar Sharif Baunk is a resident of Samdar Khurd of Pipraich police station. He is a deaf and mute person. Since he has no family, he lived with his nephew Inayat Ali. Sharif begs daily at the taxi stand in Bhatahat town. He also takes a commission from private vehicles in lieu of passengers. It’s his daily routine. However, unfortunately, he met with an accident yesterday when he was hit by a bike whose rider was a student of Class 11.

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