Attack on WB BJP Chief Sukanta Majumdar , Ruling Party denies


West Bengal BJP Chief Dr. Sukanta Majumdar claimed that his car was hit by thugs who carried TMC flags during the incident, and that they had come with the intention of killing him. He called for an investigation into the incident, claiming the state lacked democracy. However, the TMC denied the allegations, citing them as ordinary people dissatisfied with the BJP’s “divisional policy”.

Opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari said TMC workers were doing this out of fear widespread support for the BJP ahead of the Panchayat elections.

The attack allegedly occurred while Majumudar was returning from a meeting with district party cadres when black flag agitators blocked his way in the Joinagar area and hoisted anti-BJP slogans on his way back to Kolkata. I’m here. “They came to kill me because they thought that if I was killed the BJP in West Bengal would cease to exist. WB BJP President Sukanta Majumdar said it would be impossible to beat the BJP by doing so.

TMC spokesman Kunal Ghosh said the public protested against the Saffron Party’s “divisive policy”. Ordinary people are mad at politics like them. Nevertheless, we do not support this form of protest,” Ghosh said.

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