Auto Driver’s son Became IAS, Success story


IAS Govind Jaiswal, the son of a rickshaw driver, has served as an inspiration to many because of the struggles he underwent to become where he is now. The Director position in the Department of Health and Family Welfare is presently held by Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh resident Govind Jaiswal.

Here is his inspiring story.

Govind’s father and sisters made significant contributions to his success in life. His father Narayan Jaiswal also made numerous sacrifices so that Govind may finish his education.

IAS Govind Jaiswal’s mother Indu passed away in 2005 as a result of a brain haemorrhage. After that, Govind’s father, who had a rickshaw business with 35 rickshaws, was forced to liquidate his enterprise in order to pay for his wife’s medical care. The majority of his rickshaws were sold due to how he treated his wife, which led to the family’s financial instability. Govind was in the seventh standard at the time.

The Govind family was thereafter housed in a cell at Alipura, Kashi.

Govind, his three sisters, and his father frequently ate nothing but dry roti to conclude the day back then. However, Govind’s father did everything in his power to ensure that his children had a quality education. Govind’s father also sold his remaining rickshaws when his daughters finished their education to pay for the weddings of his three graduated children.

Govind had his early education at an Osmanpura government school. After that, he completed his graduation in mathematics at Varanasi’s own Harishchandra University. Govind travelled to Delhi in 2006 to study for the UPSC exam. Govind and his father began operating a rickshaw to generate some extra cash.

Govind began attending lessons after relocating to Delhi. He was unable to save enough even then. So he stopped buying occasional tiffin and tea to save money. After much effort, he eventually finished in 48th place on his first try in the year 2007.

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