Bandhobi’s ‘Silk Utsav’ to Occur on the 6th and 7th December


Bandhobi, a passion project by Mehuli Thakur is coming up with their Silk Utsav in the month of December. The exhibition will only focus on dress materials made of Silk & Tussar. From Kaftans to Palazzos, from Sarees to Dhotis, this festival will be a must visit for all the silk lovers.

Mehuli, who as a kid would cut up her mom’s saris, has been designing for more than a decade now. She started from home and over the years has exhibited a lot and has her own manufacturing unit too. Bengal textiles, “simple and practical”, interplay of colours and motifs, and block prints sum up her boutique Bandhobi. Through this festival, she would like to raise a voice against the invasion of synthetic material which is harmful for the skin and is actually all over the place. This exhibition manifests from her wish to contribute to the heritage of her country that is known for producing its own organic fabric. The festival will take place on 6th & 7th December, 2022.

About Silk:

Tussar silk is a type of wild silk, which is made from silkworms that feed on plants like asan and Arjun. It is famous and valued for its natural golden color. It is lightweight, has a luxurious touch, and feels like a charm. Tussar silk is considered more textured than cultivated Bombyx or “mulberry” silk, but it has shorter fibres, which makes it less durable. It has a dull, gold sheen. As most of the cocoons are collected from the forest, it is considered by many as a forest product.

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