Big win for 2014 TET candidates, High Court orders recruitment for 3929 vacancies


3929 vacancies lawsuits were pending in Kolkata High Court. Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay’s sole bench has ordered all of these positions to be filled immediately. This time, the split banks have accepted the designation of individual banks in this case. On Friday, the split bench of Justices Subrata Talukder and Supratim Bhattacharya ordered the vacancies to be filled among the candidates who passed TET 2014. Candidates who passed TET 2014 and experienced repeated protests in the city were somewhat relieved by this policy.

Based on TET 2014, two recruitment processes were completed in 2016 and 2020. The Elementary School Board has announced his 16,500 post appointments in its 2020 recruitment. However, it was later revealed by his RTI that he had 12,500 positions filled at that point. This means that 3929 positions were left unfilled. This case was filed because you applied for this position.Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay has ordered all these positions to be filled immediately. The sole bank also ordered the direct hiring of 252 candidates. The Elementary School Board objected to this order and appealed to the Bench Division. On this day, the department bank accepted an order to fill the position. However, they did not comply with direct recruitment orders. The board has been asked to make the list of earnings public. Recruitment is based on this list of benefits.

The candidate was somewhat relieved. But what is the reason that Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee’s promise of his 20,000 jobs has not materialized, while the board has yet to release a list of earnings. So it’s not clear whose name is included in the list of merits. As a result, there is still confusion among candidates. And their statement about 3,929 vacancies, this recruitment was supposed to be completed in 2021. In addition, December 11th is the TET exam. Five years later, the notice of the TET exam was released.

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