BJP holds mega protest in Kolkata against TMC Min Akhil Giri for insulting President Murmu


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on November 21 held a massive protest march against Trinamool Congress (TMC) minister Akhil Giri’s controversial remarks against President of India Droupadi Murmu. Bharatiya Janata Mahila Morcha (BJMM) took part in a protest march against Giri’s remarks on women’s security in government and corruption in government jobs at College Square in central Kolkata. Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar was also present.

In a 17-second video clip, Giri comments on Minister of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare, Dr. Shashi Panja, “The President Comes”.CM Mamata apologizes for Giri’s comments on president. Meanwhile, West Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee condemned Minister Akhil Giri’s remarks about President Murmu and apologized for his remarks “on behalf of TMC”. She explained that such remarks do not correspond to the culture of her party.

“We respect the President of India. She is a highly respected woman. We condemn the statement of Minister of State Akhil Giri. I condemned it and also warned Akil Giri,” CM said at a press conference at the State Secretariat.She also said TMC does not support her Giri opinion and will take severe action if the minister repeats such mistakes. “I personally admire President Drupadi Murum. She is a very nice lady and I like her very much. I apologize for Akhil Giri’s remarks. I apologize on behalf of my party for not doing so,” she said.

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