Bonus Sanctioned to West Bengal’s support centres


The state government has allotted more than three crore rupees as Puja bonus to the data entry operators of various Bangla Sahayata Kendra (BSKs) amid tension over outstanding DA or dearness allowance.

Several thousand BSKs have been set up in different parts of the state. The workers there have been brought under their control by the State Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms. This time after allocating bonus to BSK-workers, the State Government Employees Federation, dominated by the ruling Trinamool Congress in the state, has again come forward with DA dues. According to the recent decision of the state government, about 3 crore 38 lakh rupees has been sent to all district magistrates and municipal authorities in the bonus sector of BSK workers. There are now 3561 BSKs functioning across the state. 7056 data entry operators working there will be given a per capita bonus of Rs. 4800.

While welcoming the matter, the senior leader of the Federation Manoj Chakraborty has emphasized on the issue of appointment to permanent post and due DA. According to him, appointment to permanent posts has become practically obsolete. The salary amount is also very less than the market rate. The government needs to think about appointing permanent posts. Apart from that, West Bengal has lagged behind in the whole country in the question of DA for state government employees. The court is also talking about meeting the DA. Every worker is losing a lot of money. Retired workers are also benefited if they get DA at a fair rate. Because, due to the decrease in interest rates, they are in a much worse situation. “In this situation, I request the state government to seriously consider the implementation of the court’s judgment regarding DA,” said Chakraborty

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