Brain area thought to impart consciousness, behaves instead like Internet router : Researcher


Legendary scientist Francis Crick first postulated in 2005 that the brain region known as the claustrum was the seat of consciousness. Researchers now believe that Click may have gone wrong:, based on the data they received executive orders from the “boss” regions of the cerebral cortex, where complex thought forms create, causing cataracts. has developed a new theory that it behaves like a high-speed Internet router. A cortical “network“.

But researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine now believe the click may have been wrong:Based on their data, they found that the front window behaved like a high-speed Internet router and executed commands ” I have developed a new theory that I am receiving a ‘chief’. -A region of the cerebral cortex that forms complex thoughts to create a “network” in the cerebral cortex. Like routers, Crowstrum coordinates and works with these networks to accomplish a variety of cognitively demanding tasks that we perform in our daily lives in the blink of an eye.

Disordered networks are a hallmark of many diseases such as addiction, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia, so it is important to understand how the brain forms and coordinates these networks in the cortex through the vestibule.This finding may lead to better treatments to address cognitive impairment in these disorders.

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