Brand Builders and Motivators : Indian Chamber of Commerce plays host to an enriching event


On November 5, 2022, the Park Hotel hosted the Indian Chamber of Commerce Brand Conclave, “Brand Builders and Motivators.”Indian advertising guru and director of Genesis Films Prahlad Kakar delivered the keynote address.Anindya Ghosh, Founding Partner of Sam & Andy, Michel Boutin, Director Design and Sales of Australian Fashion Group, and Vandana Ramakrishna, COO of Madison Media Ace, spoke during the panel discussion that followed. Author, public relations expert, and founder/CEO of Ritam Communications Rita Bhimani led the panel discussion.The main topic of the panel discussion was “Brand Strategies Through Disruptive Innovation”. The Conclave served as an excellent networking opportunity for the business community, which gathered valuable knowledge about both the functions of the media and contemporary marketing tactics.

Namit Bajoria, Chairman ICC National Expert Committee on Retail and Marketing stated, “We have witnessed the three eras of consumer behavior and marketing in span of last 3 years – Pre Pandemic, Pandemic and Post Pandemic. The purpose of this event is to understand the new marketing ways and role of media in the current scenario for growth of brands.”

PR veteran and moderator Rita Bhimani said: “The need for disruptive innovation came out positively during the panel discussion with Anindya Ghosh, Vanadana Ramakrishna and Michel Boutin on zoom from Australia. This was a very pragmatic conclave.”

Prahlad Kakkar stated, “Today kids are born with computers, smartphones and the internet and they have the attention span of a fruitfly. So you have to engage them in 3 seconds or they will never engage with the product.”The presence of representatives from over 30 worldwide brands and enterprises gave them the chance to network with other businesspeople, exchange business strategies, plans, and contacts, and gain new perspectives.

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