Brutality on girls for being ‘lesbian’: Why are 2 girls sleeping in one room? ‘Attempted rape by burning homosexuals, rod crack in genital area’


Why two young women sleep in the same room? Three young men were accused of trying to rape the two young women. A young woman was allegedly stabbed with a hot rod on her genitals. Police claimed that one person has already been arrested. The incident happened in Sagardighi, Murshidabad.

The victim’s family claims that the two young women from Sagardighi in Murshidabad are very close friends. Together they work on tying bidis. Visit each other’s house occasionally. On October 25, a young woman slept at a friend’s house. Both fell asleep. Suddenly, three young men entered the young women’s house around 11 pm. When entering the house by breaking the door, the youth asked why two young women slept in the same room? Then there were allegations of harassment of young women by calling them ‘gay’.

Allegedly, three young men beat two young women. Attempts were made to strip them of their clothes. Allegation of attempted rape. The family complained that the youth heated the rod by burning cooking gas. Then there are allegations that a young woman was stabbed in the genitals and abdomen. The family claims that liquor was poured on the girl. Also, the family claimed that they were threatened with dire consequences if they opened their mouths to anyone.

According to sources, the young woman, who was slashed on her genitals and abdomen, was admitted to Sagardighi Super Specialty Hospital. He was released from the hospital a week later. Meanwhile, the victim’s family members have come forward to demand the arrest of the accused. They claim that the complaint has been filed in writing. A week later, no one was arrested. However, the police claim that one accused has already been arrested.

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