Call for Partha Chatterjee’s son-in-law after puja


ED may summon Partha Chatterjee’s son-in-law again after Puja. Manik Bhattacharya, former president of the Board of Primary Education, is also under the ED’s watch. ED will also interrogate him again by summoning him. According to ED sources, Partha’s son-in-law Kalyanmoy Bhattacharya was summoned to the CGO complex for the first round of interrogation. At first, Kalyanmoy claimed that he did not know that he was the director or officer of Pingla School and several companies in Medinipur. Although, in the face of prolonged interrogation, he admitted that Chatterjee had appointed him as an officer. According to ED, he used to control the company and trust while sitting in the US. Kalyanmoy allegedly knows how black money has become white through those companies. So, after coming from America, several documents and information were presented to him. On the basis of the cross-examination, some inconsistencies were found. So after the puja, the ED decided to summon him again and interrogate him. ED will verify more information through several more rounds of interrogation. Partha’s daughter, Sohini Chatterjee, is also an officer in several organizations. 

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