Cannibals used to roam the streets to catch prey, a couple in Kerala has been accused of eating cannibals


Scientists found new information about cannibals by examining ancient human remains and bones. They have come to know that such cannibals once settled in vast areas of Britain.

According to scientists, the DNA of ancient human remains has been tested, and two types of human species lived in Britain 15,000 years ago. One type of people among them was cannibals or cannibals. They ate human flesh.

Not only this but after killing people and eating their flesh, the skulls of the dead were also used as utensils. Skulls were one of the daily necessities of cannibals. Scientists have found multiple proofs of this.

But no evidence of such brutality has been found in the second species of an ancient man living in Britain, scientists claim. They were not cannibals. Scientists and historians have tested the DNA of the remains of a man and a woman as Britain’s oldest humans. They said that the man lived in Britain about 13,500 years ago and the woman about 15,000 years ago.

The woman’s remains were found in Gough Cave, Mendip Hills, Britain. Male remains were found in Kendricks Cave in North Wales. These ancient remains shed light on research on cannibals. There is very little documentary evidence of such an age in Britain, experts claim.

Researchers from University College London’s Department of Archaeology, the Natural History Museum and the Francis Crick Institute have published their findings on cannibals after examining ancient remains in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution. Scientists claim that the remains of a woman found in Gough Cave have the characteristics of a cannibal. All those who lived in the adjacent area had human flesh as their diet. Apart from this, the ancient people also ate deer, horses and such herbivores. They used to sit on camels to catch prey.

Other evidence came from male remains found in Kendricks Cave. Scientists claim that the people of that area ate a lot of fish and other aquatic animals. However, there is no evidence of eating human flesh. Scientists claim that cannibals were not at all rare in ancient times. Rather, like the other five food habits, human flesh was natural and delicious.

Researchers have been certain about cannibals mainly from the signs of hitting the human body with stone weapons and cutting meat with them. The signs of this injury differ from those of other animal attacks.

The teeth of other people have also been found in the bones of ancient people. Scientists claim that not only that woman but many other ancient human bones have been found in Gough Cave. Among them is a 3-year-old child. All had evidence of rock trauma and human bites.

According to the research, all the soft parts like eyes, and lips were removed from the body of ancient people by cutting them with stones. They were considered a favourite food in many cases. Cannibals’ appetite for these soft parts was relatively high, the study claims.

Scientists have also found out that eating human flesh was part of human nature in ancient times, on the other hand, human flesh was also eaten as part of various rituals.

Recently, a couple in Kerala has been accused of eating cannibals. Which practically created a commotion across the country. It is alleged that they ate that meat with neroli. Although it is frowned upon in India today, this diet was normal and necessary thousands of years ago.

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