Chimney crack during cremation, cremation stopped


Sudden setback during cremation.

Cracks in the chimney of the furnace. The surrounding area including the cremation ground was covered in smoke. The people who came to cremate ran away from the cremation ground in fear. The furnace fire was extinguished with water. The electric furnace was shut down for seven days. The incident took place in Howrah on Tuesday. Pathakghat crematorium in Bali.

Locals complain that the chimney has not been properly maintained for a long time. Because of this incident happened. Not only local people but also people from Howrah city or neighboring district Hooghly come to cremate bodies in this crematorium in Bali. As a result, many people are dependent on this cremation ground. Everyone will suffer because of the sudden stoppage of cremation. A few days ago, the chimney of a furnace collapsed at a crematorium in the Shivpuri area. In that case, also the same situation was created. The relatives of the deceased had to leave for another crematorium with the body of their loved ones even after coming for cremation. On Tuesday, the same picture was caught in Bali. Many have come back for cremation.

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