Chowdhury Gond of Kashmir is without Pandits due to the murder of Kashmiri Pandits.


A pandit named Dolly Kumari survived in Chowdhurygond village of Shopian district of Kashmir despite the horrific killings.

But as the situation worsened, he too left the village on Thursday evening and headed for Jammu. Seven more Pandit families of that village have already moved to Jammu. Dolly was in the village hoping that the situation would be normal. At last he also left. Dolly said that after the recent killings, all the other Pandits of the village had already fled. But as the situation is getting worse, how long can one dare to stay. But if the situation is normal, he will return to his village.

Incidentally, on October 15, a Pandit named Puran Kishan Bhat was killed outside his house in Chowdhurygond village. Just two months before that, a Kashmiri scholar was killed by terrorists in Shopian’s Chotigram. A total of 11 Pandits live in Chowdhury Gond and Chotigram. All have now taken refuge in Jammu. Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits took refuge in Jammu in 1990. Since then, the government has tried to bring back the Pandits several times. But every attempt failed. Five Kashmiri Pandits have died in the last one year.

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