CM Baghel: It’s Jihad when Hindu Daughter Marries a Muslim, Love when BJP Leader’s Daughter Does it


According to Bhupesh Baghel, if the daughters of BJP leaders marry Muslims, it is referred to as love, but when someone else does the same, it is labeled as Jihad

Raipur (Chhattisgarh): Bhupesh Baghel, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has a double standard. He claimed that the BJP refers to marriages between the daughters of their leaders and Muslims as love, but if anyone else does the same, it is labelled as “jihad”. Baghel made these remarks while speaking to journalists in Bilaspur in his state. He also accused the BJP of attempting to gain political mileage from the communal violence in Biranpur village of Bemetara district that occurred last week. When questioned about the BJP’s assertion that interfaith marriages led to tension in Biranpur, Baghel responded. The BJP neither examined the matter (clash) nor came out with any report before calling for a bandh. A fight between two children led to a clash that claimed the life of a man which is very sad. It cannot be justified. But the BJP is trying to take its political mileage.” “They talk about love jihad. If we talk about senior leaders of BJP their daughters have married to Muslims. Doesn’t it fall in the category of love jihad? You ask where the daughter of the biggest leader of the BJP in Chhattsigarh has gone. Is that not love jihad? When their daughter does it then it’s love but someone else does it, then it is jihad. What have they (BJP) done to stop this? They just want to get political benefits from it. They make their sons-in-law minister and MPs and treat others under different laws,” he stated. There was an outbreak of communal violence in Biranpur, which is situated about 60 km from Bemetara town, on April 8. It was reported that the violence erupted after a quarrel between some school children. During the clash, Bhuneshwar Sahu, a resident of the area aged 22, lost his life, while three police officers sustained injuries. Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), which prohibits the gathering of four or more individuals, has been enforced throughout the Bemetara district by the local authorities. Following the incident, a father-son duo named Rahim Mohammad (55) and Idul Mohammad (35), who lived in Biranpur, were discovered dead with head injuries a few kilometers away from the village after three days. The police have closed off all roads leading to the village, and approximately 1,000 police personnel have been deployed in and around the area to maintainlaw and order. On Tuesday, CM Baghel declared that he would offer a government position to the relatives of the deceased Sahu and give the family financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh.

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