Mamata Banerjee unpleasantly surprised during surprise visit to Nabanna offices

On Wednesday afternoon, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee surprised officers on the fourth and fifth floors of the Bengal state secretariat Nabanna by paying a sudden visit to the Home and Hill Affairs department.

However, the visit was unpleasant as the chief minister was disappointed with the low attendance of employees and the stacks of files left untouched on empty desks. Banerjee, who is in charge of the department, expressed her frustration at the state of affairs and asked officers about the reasons for the thin attendance.

She also enquired about the attendance on the day of a recent strike and asked for pictures of the vacant desks and piled-up files. The visit was unexpected and may have been prompted by complaints about the department. It is unclear if Banerjee intended to take disciplinary action against those violating service norms.

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