Coal import to be stopped by 2024: Pralhad Joshi


Pralhad Joshi, the minister of coal, stated on Thursday that dry fuel imports, which have significantly decreased, will be discontinued by 2024.Speaking at an event to release a “Compendium of Asset Accounts on Mineral and Energy Resources” at the office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, the minister claimed that the commercial coal mine auction, which the current government institutionalised, has made the auctioning process completely transparent.Joshi also praised the CAG’s office for publishing the nation’s first-ever compendium of asset accounts on its mineral holdings.The minister claimed that the report provides a thorough picture of the mineral riches dispersed across the nation’s several states.

According to him, the compendium will contribute to furthering the sustainable mining process, which is crucial for the environment and the next generation.The government accounting standards advisory board assembled the data from the state asset accounts to create a compendium of asset accounts on each state’s mineral and energy resources.The compendium encompasses the innovations and best practises discovered throughout the project and provides information on all four fossil fuels, 40 major minerals, 63 minor minerals, and 28 states, including Jammu & Kashmir.

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