Coming to play in Calcutta, the Delhi cricketer was cheated by the love of the beautiful Tanvir


Coming from Delhi to Kolkata to play cricket is a hurdle. The cricketer lost Tk 60,000 cash, expensive mobile phone, gold chain in the trap of dating app. Complaint lodged at Baguiati police station. Four people have been arrested in this incident.

According to police sources, the young man had come to Kolkata from Delhi to play a cricket match. Before that, he had a relationship with a young woman through a dating app. The two decided to meet. Accordingly, the player went to meet the girl in Baguiati. Allegedly, after meeting the young woman, he realized that he had stepped into the trap of a fraud ring. Apart from the girl, several people gathered at the spot. It is alleged that Tk 60,000 in cash, gold chains, expensive mobile phones were taken from the youth through Paytm through blackmail.

The cheated cricketer approached the Baguiati police station. He lodged a complaint with the police. Based on his complaint, the police immediately started an investigation. Four people, including a young woman, were arrested during the investigation. The arrested are Siva Singh, Subhankar Biswas, Rishabh Chandra and Reena Majumdar, residents of Santoshpalli. Rishabh and Rina are residents of Jordabagan. The police recovered the gold chain of the youth. Cash and expensive mobiles are yet to be recovered.

The cricketer is mentally disturbed after this incident. He could not have imagined that he would have to face such a terrible situation when he came to play in a foreign country.

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