Cosmetic Evidence in Assault Cases


Researchers at Punjabi University, Patiala have found that cosmetics can be used as evidence in cases of assault and serious crimes, such as rape, murder, and sexual assault. The study, supervised by Professor Rajinder Singh from the Department of Forensic Science and conducted by Rito Chophi, found that analyzing the amount of cosmetic material found on objects like clothing, tissues, cups, and cigarette butts can establish connections between the victim, the accused, and the crime scene.

The study used spectroscopic techniques to analyze various cosmetic products, including lipstick, sindoor, nail polish, and eye cosmetics. The results were then interpreted using statistical tools and chemometric techniques to validate the research model. The results showed promising outcomes based on the different brands of cosmetics analyzed in the study.

The research also looked into the potential threat to users’ health posed by heavy metals in cosmetics. Professor Arvind, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, stated that this research will assist law enforcement agencies and the court in the justice process.

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