Crowd throngs at Esplanade, before Durga Puja.


The shopping meter peaked in Esplanade .Markets in the city are flooded with shoppers ahead of the Durga Puja celebrations. People are gathering enthusiastically to shop and participate in other Puja preparations as the festival returns in all its glory after two years.undefined. But this is the biggest festival of the year and most importantly for people it’s an emotion here. There is still a mad rush of crowds, people are buying things, enthusiasm is like pre Covid . People are not yet done with shopping and the shopkeepers are also happy about it. “We’ve not celebrated the puja properly for the past two years due to the pandemic. Pujo is a special festival for us, thus everyone has come out this year” said a local.

During the Covid, people had lost hope of celebrating any festival with enthusiasm like before. But this year Covid is in control and people are hopeful with their plans , people are ready to welcome Ma Durga and to visit Pandals like before.The puja week also becomes some sort of a unit for measuring time, and the phrase “before pujo” or “after pujo” becomes so ubiquitous, you can hear it being uttered everywhere by fellow passengers aboard public conveyances, in market places, at restaurants, and in offices.You will see so many changes in the city before Puja during the puja and also after the puja. Kolkata’s charm gets more highlighted and not just like that it’s called a city of joy. You can actually feel the vibes and many people come from outside just to enjoy Durga Puja here. Once the deities arrive, the city of Kolkata never sleeps. And if it does, it wakes up to a constant sound of drumbeats and blowing of conch shells. The city gets a new life during this time.

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