Dengue, there are four districts in North Palla with South


Despite the chill in the air, dengue infections in the city of Kolkata show no signs of abating. Which is causing concern within the municipality. According to municipal sources, the infection was on the rise in South Kolkata. Now many areas of the north have become his friends. According to the sources of the Municipal Health Department, the number of dengue cases has increased in the last few months in Kashipur and Belgachia areas of North Kolkata’s number one borough. Now new infections are spreading in the three, four, five and six boroughs. Dengue infection has increased especially in Fulbagan and Kankurgachi areas of borough number three. According to an official of the Municipal Health Department, “Earlier only South Kolkata had a high rate of infection. But now many people are getting infected in those boroughs of North Kolkata. However, the incidence rate is lower in the north.According to municipal sources, dengue-death is not reducing at all. In the last seven days, several people have died in wards number 70, 92 and 114 of South Kolkata. Two people have died in ward number 92. CPI councilor of that ward Madhuchanda Dev said on Thursday, “We have a terrible rate of dengue infection here. Now the infection is spreading in slum areas. Although all the measures have been taken by the municipality, some of the citizens are not aware. A young man named Shubo Brahma (25) died on September 28. His family members said that many people around their house were affected. Two residents of the neighboring house are hospitalized. Three people have died due to dengue in ward number 115.

According to the sources of the Public Health Department, the 10th to 14th borough area of ​​South Kolkata is now the main concern. A city official said that the infection rate is the highest in Ward No. 109, where the EM bypass is located in Borough No. 12. Dengue is not coming under control in Kasba and Haltu areas too. Those two areas belong to No. 106 and 107. Two people have already died of dengue in ward number 106. Local councilor Arijit Dasthakur said, “The rate of infection that was spreading earlier has now decreased. However, door-to-door raids are being conducted by the municipality. The problem is, despite sending home notices, many people are not paying attention.”However, the residents of Ward No. 106 counter that the ponds in the area are full of sewage. Mosquitoes are breeding in those unused ponds. Besides, many vacant lots are littered with garbage, breeding mosquito larvae there. The municipality, however, claims that it is the owner’s responsibility to clean a private pond or empty land. A notice is sent to the owner if garbage accumulates on such property. After that, if the concerned person does not clear the pond or land, the municipality will do so.

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