Digital University to begin in India by July 2023. Know how it works and courses to be offered.


A digital university will launch in July 2023 as part of the ambitious plan of the central government, and some of its courses will be focused on skill development. The concept of a digital university, which will begin operations in July of next year, has been the subject of extensive discussion recently, according to University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar.

According to Kumar there is a strategy to initially launch an increasing number of skill development based courses. The main focus is to give students skill-based training, and the courses should be job-oriented.

According to the UGC President, using a Digital University for education will be quite simple for students. For instance, if a course lasts four years and a student can do it in less time, “we will allow that student to complete the course in a shorter term,” he added. Similarly, a student who wishes to finish a four-year course in five years will be able to do so through Digital Vishwavidyalaya. According to him, the UGC now permits students to earn two degrees at once, and if a student earns one degree while enrolled in a college that offers multidisciplinary education, he will be considered to have earned two degrees.

When presenting the budget for 2022–2023, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated that a digital university would be established to offer world-class, universal education to students throughout the country at their doorsteps. It will be a university that offers students online access to a variety of courses and degree programmes. For the essential digital infrastructure and training, it will cooperate with other national central universities.

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