Drones can be Used to Check Illegal Mining : Union Minister


Drone technology will play a key role in controlling illegal mining in the country and can also be used to protect natural resources, Union Minister Anurag Sinthakur said. On Tuesday, the Federal Minister was present to celebrate Drone Yatra for drone startup Garuda Aerospace and to launch the company’s first virtual e-learning platform at Agni University of Technology.

Speaking at an event here, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting said the center continues to invest in educating young people in drone technology as India is on track to become a global “drone hub” in the world. “Mining and illegal mining are two different things. Drone technology could be used to control illegal mining. Drone technology could be very important in saving our resources, he said.

He made these comments at the launch of the first drone qualification and training conference hosted by Garuda Aerospace at the Agni Institute of Technology in nearby Talumbah. Thakur recalled that drones were used to deliver medicines and vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation allowed India’s Cricket Control Board (BCCI) to use drones for live aerial footage of the cricket season, he noted. The minister added that he will need at least 1,000 drone pilots by 2023 to make India a hub for drone technology.

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