ED freezes Bitcoins worth Rs 22.82 cr during raid on Binance crypto exchange


The Enforcement Department (ED) raided the wallet of crypto exchange Binance on Friday and froze 150.22 bitcoins worth Rs 22.82 billion under money laundering laws. The Investigative Agency raid is related to the case of the game app “E-Nuggets,” which is part of the app’s ongoing investigation into a search operation, ED said in a tweet.The E-Nuggets app allegedly used cryptocurrency exchanges to launder money.September Enforcement Authorities said that Park Street Police Department of Kolkata Police had filed against him Aamir Khan in various sections of his IPC, which he acted on on his FIR dated 15 February 2021.

Khan has been accused of defrauding the public via the mobile gaming application E-Nuggets.”Furthermore, after collecting a significant amount of money from the public, withdrawals from that app were suddenly stopped under some pretext. All data, including profile information, was subsequently deleted from the above app servers said the agency.In August, the ED froze the bank balances of Binance’s India-based partner, crypto trading platform WazirX, which was under investigation in connection with allegations of money laundering via crypto assets.But he said in late September that the cryptocurrency exchange said the country’s financial crime watchdog, the ED, had unblocked its bank accounts, allowing the company to continue banking.

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