EV rates will come down once lithium batteries are manufactured in India: Minister


Goa’s energy minister, Sudin Dhavalikar, said on Tuesday that the share of electric vehicles (EVs) would be halved compared to current prices if lithium batteries were made in India.Dhavalikar here said that tenders for the installation of charging stations will be published within the next two weeks after he has paid subsidies to EV owners.Once the charging stations are installed, people will be able to easily charge all kinds of vehicles, he said.“Lithium batteries are not made in India. If the batteries are made here, EV prices will go down,” he said.

When mobile phones were imported from other countries, the cost was initially high, he said. However, after being manufactured domestically, the price dropped.“If lithium batteries become manufactured in India, the price of electric cars will drop from 300,000 rupees to 160,000 rupees,” he said.

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