Extreme punishment for not being able to pay interest! Prauda was tied to the railway line, his legs were cut off by the train


According to sources, Rudrabhairab Mukherjee had borrowed lakhs of rupees from his office colleague on interest. Unable to repay the money, he was picked up and taken to a station in Ketugram.

The government employee was picked up and tied to the railway line for not being able to pay the interest on time. A leg was shattered by the train. The injury is on the other leg. The sensational incident took place in Ketugram of East Burdwan. Rudrabhairab Mukhopadhyay is undergoing treatment at Burdwan Medical College in critical condition. According to sources, his left leg has been amputated.Lying on the hospital bed, Rudrabhairab said, “I borrowed 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees from an office colleague and his friend on interest.” Even after repaying that amount, they demanded lakhs of rupees as interest. He was pressing for the return of that money. After that he gave me something to eat.”

The incident took place near Ambalgram railway line of Shiblun station in Ketugram, east of Burdwan on Katwa Azimganj line on Thursday. After that the person was rescued and admitted to the hospital.GRP and police have started initial investigation in this incident, but no written complaint has been filed on behalf of the family. However, the man who was seriously injured told in his own words what happened to him.

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