Farmers to get fertilizers at fair price


No excuses will be heard asserted the Agriculture minister. According to the demand of the state, the farmers should be given fertilizer at the right price. State Agriculture Minister Shobhandev Chatterjee warned fertilizer manufacturers and dealers ahead of Rabi crop season. He informed that in October less fertilizer than the demand was found. The November quota has to be met by making up that shortfall. Shobhandev held a meeting with more than twenty fertilizer manufacturers in Navanna on Wednesday. A dealer was also presented virtually in that meeting. Their statements were also heard. Later, the minister said that some of the fertilizer manufacturers are unfairly pressuring the dealers to buy pesticides and nano fertilizers along with the fertilizers. Dealers have to buy it under pressure. Which affects the farmers. There have also been complaints that fertilizers are being sold at prices higher than MRP. On this day, the minister warned the dealers. Besides, he want to know from the fertilizer manufacturers, why less than the allotted fertilizer is being given to the farmers of Bengal? Fertilizer manufacturers blamed insufficient rail rakes for the low supply. It is to be noted that, among fertilizers, urea (98.22 percent) and NPK (102 percent) were found as required, but DAP (78.13 percent) and MOP (81.25 percent) were very less. According to Nabanna sources, the minister made it clear to the fertilizer manufacturers today, “You should write to the railways for additional rakes. Send us a copy of that letter. Keeping that in mind, we will write a letter to the center and pressurize it.” It should be noted that the minister also held a meeting on crop insurance on this day. Later he said that many farmers could not cultivate paddy in Kharif season due to extreme weather conditions. The insurance company has been asked to pay the crop insurance compensation to all of them quickly. It should be noted that farmers were harassed to get crop insurance money during potato cultivation last year. The minister asked the insurance company to finish the evaluation work quickly so that the incident does not happen again

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