Fight of banners hampering social life, Durga Puja 2022


For the average person, the fight of the banners is a problem of salvation. People claim that Kolkata has so many banners hanging about that everyone can’t get adequate ventilation. According to her in one of my interviews, “those there who have major health issues, particularly heart issues, feel smothered and this gets worse from evening on as the pandal hopping starts at its height, youngsters are also having the same problems.”
She continues, “We have almost little greenery in Kolkata, and during Durga Puja, this banner makes matters worse.”
It should be observed that there are banner ads all along the road from Ultadanga to the Sovabazar subway, on both sides and in the middle. The same internal events have all occurred. The identical internal event has occurred throughout Kolkata.
Many claims that there are so many banners that it is difficult for visitors to correctly identify the road because the landmark is completely obscured by banners.
“Trees are the primary means by which the environment functions, and when we visit a tree, we feel at ease.”
Do you know why courts have big trees, she inquired last.
“People take on too much responsibility and stress when they go to court,” she retorted. “There are huge trees to give some relaxation of nature.”
Do we actually need so many banners? Can’t we strike a balance instead?

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