Food delivery boy arrested for allegedly raping a dog in Powai mall


handcuffed arrested man behind prison bars. copy space

The Powai police detained a food delivery boy, 28, on Saturday for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a dog inside a mall.Animal activist Minu Sheth, 61, of the NGO Bombay Animal Rights, who also feeds stray animals, filed the complaint.According to the reports, Sheth used to feed the neighborhood’s stray animals, including this dog, every day. On October 29, Vijay Mohanni, president of Bombay Animal Rights, showed Sheth a video showing the accused engaging in sexual activity with a six-month-old dog on the grounds of a second-floor outside balcony of the Hira Panna Mall and requested that she lodge a report.

The personnel of the mall’s bar and restaurant raised the puppy, but when the complaint fed other stray dogs, she also fed the dog.The accused has allegedly been raping this dog for several days, according to reports. Vijay Mohnani, an animal activist, was able to view the footage when it was sent to him by another delivery boy who had witnessed the event.

Last year, a dog called Nuri was raped by a person at the same place, not only did he rape, but he also inserted a stick in the private parts of the dog,”The dog has been medically examined and has swelling in her private parts. She has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. She is very scared; I have a request to Mumbaikars to help her. Not with treatment expenses, but by adopting her” Mohnani said.”These delivery boys come to our doorstep, enter our safe circle, and this is what they are capable of. There has to be a verification of character. Do these companies check for prior police records? We have lost 23 dogs this year to hit-and-runs due to commercial vehicles, and private cars. It*s a sad situation,” said Niharika Gandhi, certified dog behaviorist and trainer.A police source said, “We have registered the case against the accused and arrested him under ICP IPC section 377 (unnatural offenses) and the prevention of cruelty to Animal Act, 1960.”The accused was produced before the Bandra court today and he has been remanded in police custody,” the official added.

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