Fraud of crores of rupees in the name of getting health department tender, a resident of Kasba was arrested


Fraud of crores of rupees in the name of getting the tender of health department. A person from Kasbar was arrested on that charge. Another complaint against him was that he would have given him the opportunity to work with the government medical college. He is also accused of forging documents and stamps of government offices including bureaucrats.The name of the accused is Budhaditya Chattopadhyay. He is a resident of Bibi Chatterjee Road in Kosbar. Swaroop Ghosh, a resident of Anandpur, has accused him of cheating. According to police sources, Budhaditya started this fraud by April 2019. It is alleged that he has stolen about 36 crore rupees from various people and various medical centers so far.

According to police sources, Budhaditya claimed to be in contact with government officials. He demanded to get the government tender through them. It is alleged that he has taken money despite claiming to have received the tender several times. The complainant also stated that Budhaditya used to exploit Atimari when asked for work. He said that there is a delay due to covid. At various times, he demanded from various medical centers that he would make arrangements to build cancer detection centers in Kolkata, Malda, Siliguri. He also allegedly claimed that donations (CSR) were coming to many voluntary organizations and organizations in the state.The complainant said that Budhaditya could not be contacted for many days. Can be contacted later. The accused told the police that he stole the money to open the company himself. It is also known that Budhaditya did not take money into his account all the time. He would also ask the complainant to send the money directly to the bank account where he wanted to pay the bribe for opening his company.

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