Fraudster arrested for scam on the pretext of a processing fee


An allegation was made against a fraudster who pretended to be a bank employee and stole 91,000 rupees by presenting a fake demand draft. The police of Parnasree police station arrested him on Sunday. The accused’s name is Shantanu De, resident of Haridebpur area.

According to police sources, a young man named Saurabh Malakar filed a written complaint at Parnasree police station on October 19. In that complaint, the young man said that a month ago, the young man of his own business through an app. He applied for a large loan for the work. The young man complained that the accused called him a month after the application. He introduced himself as an employee of the state-owned bank associated with the app. The fraud asked Saurabh to come in front of the bank’s branch in Sector Five, Salt Lake with multiple documents to get the loan. When Sourav reached the bank with the documents, Shantanu made him fill a form. After that he took several required documents. After that, Shantanu came to Sourav’s house on October 17 and handed him a ‘demand draft’ of around 13 lakh rupees for the loan. He stole about 91 thousand rupees in cash for processing fee of that loan. But the next day when Sourav took the ‘demand draft’ to the bank, it was informed that it was fake. Realizing that he was cheated, he filed a written complaint at Parnasree police station

On the basis of that complaint, Shantanu was arrested by the police. Besides, the police also recovered several fake photo ID cards, stamps, several SIM cards and a laptop after searching Shantanu’s house. The investigators are looking into whether anyone else is involved in this cycle of fraud besides Shantanu

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