Delhi Govt To Provide Free Training To People Interested In Forest And Wildlife Conservation

Officials announced on Thursday that the Delhi government will offer free training to individuals interested in conserving forests and wildlife, starting this year. The Forest and Wildlife department’s aim is to share knowledge with the public to enhance conservation efforts in the national capital.

The department has established a four-member training cell and is creating a website, while a third party from reputable institutions will conduct the training. Initially, the programme will accept applications from students and professionals who want to learn about the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act and its application, but the training will eventually cover all forest and biodiversity laws and conservation activities.

The training will be flexible, and participants can request guidance on topics such as obtaining permission to cut and prune trees. The larger goal is to involve the general public in enhancing forest and wildlife conservation efforts in Delhi.

“To start with, we are inviting applications for those interested in understanding the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act and its application from everyone be it students, professionals ,” the official said.

“Involving the general public to give a boost to forest and wildlife conservation efforts in Delhi is the larger objective,” the official added.

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