G20 conference in other cities of the country including Kolkata in January


The session of G20 summit is going to be organized in January next year in Kolkata.Apart from Kolkata, the meeting will be held in Siliguri, a source in the state administration said.

It should be noted that the host country of G20 2023 is India. Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, Spain and England will be the guest countries. On the one hand, there is the aspect of women’s participation in the mainstream of society, and there is also the aspect of international food security among the main topics discussed in the meeting. Among other things, the conference will discuss the use of information technology in health, agriculture, education and commerce. Apart from the state, the G20 summit meeting will also be organized in other states of the country. A source in the state administration said that on the day after Diwali, the Union Home Secretary held a virtual meeting with the Chief Secretaries of each State and the Director Generals of State Police. There various aspects of the upcoming conference are discussed. As foreign delegations will come, special attention has been asked to the security aspect. There will be four meetings in Kolkata. There will be one in Siliguri. The source said that the State Tourism Department and Information Culture Department are also being roped in to encourage the visiting delegates about tourism in the state. There are several historical places in Kolkata alone. Again there are tea gardens in North Bengal. It is also being kept in mind that the visiting delegates can be shown around the places.

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