Get NOC on government doctor involvement and health department tell pvt clinics and hospitals


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of West Bengal requires all private clinical facilities to obtain a Medical No Objection Certificate (NOC) before hiring government doctors.A notice issued on November 2nd read: Regulation and Transparency) – Regulations, 2017,Clinical establishments can engage government doctors in a practising post and are not drawing non-practising allowance after fulfilling the conditions as stipulated in clause 6 (chapter II) of the West Bengal Clinical Establishments.

In a statement prepared by the Director of State Health Services, Dr. Siddhartha Niyogi signed the notice and said:This order also applies to persons working in honorary or scholarship positions or under an agreement with the state government. This includes domestic workers, interns and students.The notice states that the clinical facility in question must submit a NOC with the application, and also provides detailed information about the public service physician, hours worked on site.“Any non-compliance will be treated as a violation of the West Bengal Clinical Facilities Act, 2017 and appropriate action will be taken. It has been approved by the Competent Authority and will come into effect immediately”.

Some doctors are not happy with the notice, claiming it will be a ‘humiliating‘ experience. feel an increase in applications for swastiya sati in private hospitals, so instead of doing anything about it, they shoot someone else’s shoulder,” said one doctor on condition of anonymity.Manas Gumta, secretary of The Doctoral Medical Services Physicians Association, said: Now the government wants to reduce the number of surgeries under the Swastiya Sati programme. So the doctor’s decision was made. This is humiliating for them.”

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