Gold smuggling table from Tanzania in a novel way, 61 kg recovered at the airport!


Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport has never recovered so much gold in one day. The smuggling technique was also novel. Customs Officials were shocked to see this. They seized 61 kg of gold in two separate incidents on Sunday. Its market price is 32 crore rupees. Mumbai Police has arrested 7 passengers including five women on charges of gold smuggling in India.

According to airport sources, four of the seven accused are Indians. They were returning from Tanzania. They had several gold bars weighing 1 kg. A total of 53 kg of gold was recovered. The estimated value of which is 28 crores 17 lakhs. The accused took a novel approach to smuggle gold. They make a special belt for this. Customs officials were surprised to see the novel method of smuggling.

The detainees claim that a Sudanese citizen gave them the belts with gold bars at Doha Airport. The police are verifying the truth of the statement of the arrested. Meanwhile, the police brought the accused of trafficking to the court on this day. Police gave them 14 days jail custody.

Meanwhile, in another incident, 8 kg of gold was recovered by the airport customs officials. Its market price is 3 crore 88 lakh rupees. The gold was with 3 passengers including two Mahals from Dubai. They were also arrested by the police. Gold has been confiscated. The discovery of so much gold in one day caused a stir at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport.

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