Gunmen attack anti-hijab rally in Iran, 9 including two children dead


An unidentified gunman attacked the anti-Hijab protest movement. 9 people died in that attack. The hardline administration of Iran has taken a strict repression policy against the participants in anti-hijab protests. Undaunted by that, every day a large number of protestors are taking to the streets to raise their voice against the government. In this situation, unidentified persons attacked the protest march. Two children were among the dead in Wednesday’s attack.

It is known that ordinary people took to the streets with anti-hijab protest programs in different regions of Iran on Wednesday as well. A bike rider stormed into a protest march in Ejeh. He then started firing into the crowd. Five protesters died on the spot. Three hours after this incident, a similar attack was carried out in Isfahan, another city in Iran. Nine people, including two children, died in the two incidents.

However, the Iranian administration is calling this attack the work of terrorists. According to a media of that country, many people are joining the hijab protest. Terrorists are using that opportunity. Iran has also said that the terrorists are firing at security officials as well as common people. Three attackers have already been arrested. The administration of Iran is trying to catch the fugitive assailants.

But according to experts, the Iranian administration could not actually use state power to suppress the protests. That is why an attempt is being made to kill the protesters with the help of secret killers. On the other hand, after learning about the gunman’s attack, the local president Ibrahim Raisi gave a strong message. Incidentally, the Iranian administration is executing protesters for the ‘crime’ of participating in anti-hijab protests. All in all, the hard-line fundamentalist government is trying hard to quell the protests. But the Iranian government is claiming that this protest is an American conspiracy.

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