Hafele Launches Strong, Versatile and Creatively Workable Terra Quartz Surfaces for Wide Array of Home Applications


Terra, Hafele’s in-house range of premium surfaces, showcased at its booth in IndiaWood 2022, defines all that is “Hafele” – it comes with our promise of exceptional German quality; our legacy of understanding kitchens; our expertise in engineered stone materials; and our commitment to service.

Terra is a Quartz dominated surface range (with a 20 mm thickness) that is immensely strong, versatile and creatively workable for a wide array of home applications. While kitchen countertops take a prominent spot in this list of applications, Terra also creates possibilities in Wall-cladding, Kitchen backsplashes and Bathroom countertops across the home. This surface can also find an ideal space in Office reception counters, Restaurant bar counters or even backsplashes and wall-claddings in hotel lobbies and rooms. The surfaces are food-grade safe and extremely easy to clean, maintain and use. They come with a uniform and high colour consistency owing to the patented Breton Technology. Due to the inherent properties of quartz, Terra surfaces are non-porous as well as anti-bacterial, making them 100% safe, hygienic and long-lasting. They are also extremely immune to varying temperatures and do not decompose or change character when exposed to anything too hot or too cold.

Terra offers 14 elegant yet contemporary colours that add to the versatility of this range. Each colour has a soul and unique characteristic of its own.

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