What did Mamata Banerjee said about new Governor?


CV Anand Bose took oath as the new Governor of West Bengal on Wednesday. Taking the oath, the new governor gave a message to move forward together on the path of development instead of conflict. The next day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee commented on the new governor. Praising the governor, Mamata Banerjee said, ‘The new governor is good’.

‘The winter session is going on in the Legislative Assembly. Mamata Banerjee attended the session on Thursday. After coming out from there, the praise of the Governor was heard in the mouth of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. How is the new governor when the chief minister was leaving after the assembly session? He was questioned about it. In his reply, he said, ‘The new governor is good.’Incidentally, earlier when Jagdeep Dhankhar was the governor, the conflict with the state government reached its peak.

However, the new governor has given a message to move together after coming to power. He said, ‘There can be differences in democracy. This is also part of democracy. Differences of opinion never make democracy weaker, rather it makes democracy stronger.’ At the same time, the Governor is also praising the culture of Bengal. He said, ‘Bangla’s cultural heritage can settle any dispute.’ It may be noted that post-poll violence spread across the state after the assembly elections. Anand Bose came to visit the state on behalf of the central delegation in that event. He submitted the report to the center at that time. Although in this context he said, ‘My report was professional, not political.’

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