India Reaches Out for Evidence Based Research to the G20 Countries


The USAIC to hold Virtual Summit on May 3rd on Biopharma and Health

A senior official from India has called upon the G20 nations to work together and prioritize research based on evidence, just before the annual India-U.S. BioPharma and Healthcare Summit, which will be attended by scientists, academics, corporate leaders, and officials from both countries.

“I urge G20 member countries, businesses, academics, and scientists to collaborate and focus on evidence-based research and analytics to ensure preparedness in health systems and build adaptable global supply chains that can deliver instantaneously during a crisis,” G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant stated it.

The 17th annual BioPharma and Healthcare Summit of the USAIC will be held virtually on May 3. Ahead of the summit, a senior official from India, Mr. Kant, has urged the G20 member countries to collaborate and focus on evidence-based research to ensure robust and resilient health systems for citizens. The RIIG, Science20, and Startup20 initiatives under G20 aim to achieve socio-economic equity through research, innovation, partnership, and collaboration. Mr. Kant, along with other Indian government officials and industry leaders, will address the conference, which will also be attended by prominent global figures from BioPharma companies, venture capitalists, and academic leaders. Dr. Robert Califf, the US FDA Commissioner, will also participate in the summit. Andrew Plump, the president of R&D at Takeda and Chair of the USAIC BioPharma and Healthcare Summit, has emphasized the need for global collaboration and partnership in drug and vaccine development, clinical research, streamlining workflows, and inventory management to ensure that people across the world have access to the extraordinary advances in healthcare that scientific innovation has produced over the last few decades. “This year, with India on track to become the world’s most populous country, our responsibility to ensure its people benefit from these innovations that improve human health has never been greater,” he said.

“India has enacted several pragmatic policies to drive innovation and bring much-needed investment into the country to make it an R&D leader. Measures undertaken by the Indian Government in the last few years have prepared the ground for R&D in India. Now we should work towards scaling it up, be it in R&D, translational research, industry-academic partnerships, clinical trial or manufacturing,” he said.

According to Hari Bhartia, the Founder and co-Chairman of the Jubilant Bhartia Group, India has a great opportunity to expand into biologics and biosimilars by leveraging its strong tradition in pharmaceuticals. He cited India’s favorable ecosystem for developing biotechnology and healthcare businesses, which includes a talented workforce, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly policies. He also mentioned the country’s investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, advanced laboratories with cutting-edge technology, and its strategic move towards BioPharma innovation, which is a positive development for patients worldwide. Mr. Rishi, on behalf of USAIC, has offered free registration for the annual summit to foster innovation and help the industry, which has attracted over a thousand medical students and researchers globally to participate. Mr. Rishi expressed his encouragement for the response of young colleagues and emphasized the need to support the next generation of leaders in the healthcare and life science industry.

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