India: Single Cigarettes will be Illegal, Soon New Rule from Govt.


The standing committee of parliament has suggested a first-ever ban on the sale of single cigarettes throughout the nation. Low income persons and young people can easily purchase such things thanks to the sale of single-stick cigarettes and untied tobacco products.

A prohibition on such sales is planned. In India, smokers typically purchase single cigarettes as opposed to full packs. This puts their health at considerable danger and contributes to the addiction of many young people to smoking.

To reduce the danger of smoking, the committee has also suggested that smoking areas at airports be closed. There are numerous rumours that the overall budget will include an increase in the levy on cigarette goods. They contend that a very effective solution to solve the immediate need for the federal government to increase money is to boost taxation on all cigarette products. It will be a successful plan for raising money and lowering tobacco usage and diseases associated with it. By raising the excise tax on all tobacco products, the central government will receive a significant increase in revenue and cigarette goods will become more expensive, especially for young people.

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